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Here at Curated Designs, we see life as full of inspiration.  We find it in the interactions we have, the books we read, the sights we see, and the people we meet.  We yearn for creativity, ingenuity, and true inspiration, which allows us to interact with some incredible people.  One such person is:

 Cat CoquilletteCatCoquillette-Headshot

Cat Coquillette is a multidisciplinary designer and illustrator living in Kansas City, USA. She has spent the majority of her career as a graphic designer, but her passion for illustration has bloomed into a large part of her brand as well. Her preferred mediums are watercolor, ink & gouache. Her drawings & paintings incorporate vibrant pops of color, hand-lettering, clean brushwork & a broad variety of motifs. Her style lends itself to delicate patterns, whimsical animals & leafy greenery.

When talking with Cat, you can tell that she is living out her passion.  From her thoughtful designs to incredible products, Cat is true inspiration.  But where does she find inspiration?  I asked her just that, and here is what she had to say, with her artist’s statement:

My inspiration trickles in throughout the day. When I think of something, I scribble it down so I’ll have a reference later when I’m in my studio. I also find that traveling is a great creative recharge. Whenever I get back from a trip, my brain is bursting with things to paint. Many of my paintings reflect my adventures; I went on a tropical spree after visiting Key West, painted coral & butterflies after visiting Belize, watercolored a pack of alpacas after returning from Peru, & tiki totems after a couple weeks in Hawaii. I’m about to spend a few months in Southeast Asia & am excited too see how I interpret my experiences with a paintbrush later.
While I do paint in various mediums, my favorite is watercolor. I keep a fairly restrained approach when it comes to the linework, but pile on the pigment & water within the strokes. When the heavy dose of ink floating in water begins to dry, it creates unexpected results. I enjoy the juxtaposition of careful brushstrokes with wild blooms of color.
We are so happy to have Cat as a featured artist, and know you will love her Collection as much as we do!  With so many great products, it was hard to choose, but below are our favorites for this Cat Coquillette Collection!  See the links to these great products below.  Happy shopping!


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