Featured Artist – Chris Martin

Chris Martin is the founder and main curator behind curatedesigns.co.  Chris wears many hats – by day, he is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, with his specialty certification in orthopedics.  He is also a marathoner, husband, goldendoodle father, youngest of five, and self-proclaimed old soul.  He enjoys traveling, experiencing new restaurants, and spending time with his family and friends. He has always enjoyed art in all its forms, but has been known for his paintings, drawings, and most recently, his photography and art prints.

Chris in Maui

When asked what inspires Chris, and how he started curatedesigns.co, he stated:

I am inspired by so many different things, really. I love the ordinary, daily interactions and sights we so often overlook or forget. I’m also inspired by a vast landscape or the architecture of a city. With my professional background and the state of our world today, I yearn for ways in which art can change the way we see each other; how art can send the message that there is plenty of good in the world, as well as good people.  That we are all the same, and ultimately want to be happy, healthy, and safe.  I hope to be motivational and inspirational to others, just as others are to me.  The works I produce myself and choose to be part of the various Collections on this site all share this common theme: you are good enough, you can do it, and you are where you are for a reason.

My desire to create this site came from a yearning to bring art from artists all over the world directly to you.  I wanted to curate excellent works and products for all of you in an effort to inspire you, allow for your individuality to shine, and to promote other artists.  I hope curatedesigns.co can be your destination for home and lifestyle inspiration, personal shopping, and unique gift giving.  Tell your friends, and thank you for the support!

We are so happy to feature Chris and his art prints!  We hope you enjoy, and get your picture wall started!

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