Setbacks – Feel, Reframe, Control

Hey, you!  You’re here.  And you’re reading this, which means that at one point or another, you have had a setback or road block or some sort of event in life that has set you off of your “path.”  And maybe that moment in time is right NOW – you’ve found yourself here, reading this, and looking for inspiration.  Well, I hope I can fulfill your needs, or at least offer some words of wisdom.

The first step in “overcoming” any roadblock or setback in life revolves around feeling your emotions.  You are allowed to be upset.  You are allowed to feel hurt, or let down, or aggravated or whatever array of emotions that come upon you.  You are the only one that can feel what you are feeling, so give yourself the time to emote.  But, once you’ve allowed yourself some time to “feel,” you need to move on.  No staying “stuck in a rut.”  You can and you will and you must move on to the next step, which is mental reframing.

Changing the way you think about the setback will change the way the setback affects you.  If you continue to view it as this life-altering event from which “normalcy” will never resume, that’s exactly what will happen.  You will continue to live your life as subject to your circumstances, without self-empowerment.  The setback will define youBut, if you start to see the setback as a moment in time that has an effect on your life, but is only a chapter in your story and not your whole story, you begin to move on.  You begin to realize that you can grow and change from your experience, but still get back to your original path.

Once you’ve mastered the mental reframing, you can then begin to control your emotions and reactions to future setbacks.  The greatest thing to remember is that the person you are today is a sum of all of your life experiences up to this point in time.  You are who you are today from what you have experienced in your life, and how you have responded to those experiences.  You experience, process, relate, and formulate your own definition of YOU!  This is how we are constantly evolving and changing and growing. Make your setback a moment of growth, and not a complete halt in evolution.

Remember – our lives are based on how we respond to situations.  We are a sum of how we have chosen to respond to the scenarios in our lives, and how we allow them to affect us.  You are in control of your actions and reactions and thoughts and emotions.  How you react to a setback is completely in your control.  Will it become your entire story, or just a short chapter in the story of you?  I hope that with some love and support, you can find the power within to get up, get moving, and grow.

Feel. Reframe. Control.

You can do it.  I know you can.

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