The Power of Your Thoughts

Have you ever wondered what role your thoughts play in your life?  As in, when you have a thought about an event, does that thought really have an effect on the outcome of the event?  I’d like to say yes.

Numerous books and publications have focused on the power of thought.  From “The Laws of Attraction” to “The Secret” to the movie “Inception,” all deliver a similar message – one thought or idea can create tangible change.  This change could be small, like telling yourself you will walk to work instead of taking a cab, and then making this an actual routine.  But this change could also be large, like focusing your thoughts on a creative idea that turns into a successful company.  No matter the change, all start with a simple thought.

As a marathon runner, I have experienced the power of thought.  Training is tough.  It requires consistency, dedication, and hard work to be successful.  You can put in all of the work and time, but without the right frame of mind, you will not be successful.  If you tell yourself you will not be able to complete the run, you will be right.  It may not be your endurance that slows you down.  It may be the pang you get in your side.  Or the cramp in your hamstring.  Though these can occur with exercise, I believe they can also be brought on by your thoughts.  You said you couldn’t do it, and you didn’t.

Let’s apply this marathon training reference to life.  From an early age, we are groomed to become who we are as adults.  We are shown what our roles are, and what options are available to us.  We are taught right from wrong.  Our parents, family members, friends, and teachers all play a significant role in shaping our thoughts, and therefore, our lives.  If shown a world of opportunity, we are full of optimism and effervescence.  But if surrounded by a world of missteps and dead ends, we become shrouded in pessimism.  Our thoughts shape our futures.

Those taught that they can achieve anything they put their minds to go on to have successful futures.  They have learned to think in a way of optimism, with thoughts centered on opportunity.  Their thoughts tell them that they can do it, and so they do.  They achieve because that is what they have learned they do.  And the reverse is true for those who believe they cannot achieve.  They have learned that they will not do something great, and therefore do not.

But what if you reframed the way you thought?  What could you create?  This is what excites me, and there are two ways to approach this.  First and foremost, we must start with the thoughts that we hold.  Personally, how are your thoughts holding you back?  What are they helping you create, and what are they preventing you from becoming?  So many times our thoughts focus on what we cannot do, and therefore never do.  We put energy and focus on the negative, and find ourselves surrounded by it.  Should this surprise us?  If you reframe your thoughts and mind to focus on the positive, the good, and the opportunities in life, great change can ensue.

By reframing your thoughts, you are able to transform the way you view yourself and others, and in turn, the world.  This may seem like a stretch, but when put into application, it has tangible results.  When you focus your energy on good ideas and thoughts, you become a beacon of positivity. You see the potential in others, and show them their worth.  By revealing other’s worth, they are then propelled to have a shift in mindset, too.  This reframing can occur, and soon, it will in all of us, turning into a society transformation.

The ability to create a better world lies within each of us. The power to do so lies in a thought.  A mindset.  But this thought can have a resounding effect.  We all have the power to change our lives, and the lives of others, if we only tried.  It first starts with you.  Change the way you think, and you may just change the world.

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